Planning Your Move

Moving does not have to be a stressful experience. There are many solutions to help make your next move as easy as possible. Planning the move out, packing correctly, and hiring a professional moving company will ensure that your move goes over smoothly and will ease your stress. 

Tips & Tricks:

Make a checklist of each room and estimate the amount of supplies needed for packing.

Plan out about how many boxes you need and be sure to have correct sizes for specific pieces.

Purchase necessary packing paper, bubble wrap, markers/pens, etc.

Categorize and label each box after packing and closing as to what room it goes in and what is in the box.

Pack any glass/breakable plates vertically and individually wrap- this makes them less likely to break.

Take photos of any electronic connections before unhooking to help with rewiring at your new home.  

Any breakable items that are unable to be packaged should be carried to its new location by the owner.. Lamps, photos, etc..

Wrap and box any photos/frames that you plan for the mover to take. 

Movers job:

Wrap furniture and fragiles that are too large for the owner to move.

Disassemble/reassemble furniture

Any screws, nails, or bolts removed from furniture will be placed into individually labeled ziplocks to ensure that they are all taken to the new home for a prompt reassembly.

Items Movers Will Not Move:

Loose items (unless spoken about and agreed upon beforehand).

Lamps/Photos that are not packaged

Open boxes

Items wrapped/packaged in garbage bags, sheets, or blankets.

Cleaning supplies, paint, lighter fluid, and gasoline cannot be moved by the mover for safety reasons.

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